Lashious Envy Beauty & Cafe Bar is an up and coming beauty salon attached to a cafe bar. Owner Alexa Fahel requested that, for the duration of two weeks, a newsletter be created to increase communication between the business and customers. Two designs were created, each with four pages, making room for six sections (A Message from the Owner, Beauty Tip of the Month, three announcement and/or stories and Customer Highlight of the Month.

Each newsletter has the same layout. The Message from the Owner is meant to send a personalized greeting to the customers, detailing developments with the business, specials and thanking them for their continued patronage.

The Beauty Tip of the Month is an interesting piece of advice or "life hack" that people who avidly use makeup regularly. The changing tips is meant to entice these people to sign up for the newsletter.

Customer Highlight of the Month was created because the business does not have a presence on Google Reviews yet, so this will help create some first-hand impressions of Lashious Envy Beauty & Cafe Bar. Could possibly make it into a contest for future issues.

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