Russell Villager

For Andy. Always

OSGOODE – Mental health issues are prevalent all around us, but too few people talk openly about it. The fundraiser Always for Andy aimed to bring awareness to the issue in their inaugural soccer tournament held Sat., July 20 at the Osgoode Library soccer field.
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While I have only recently integrated in the journalism world, I have worked with a number of publication that vary from online to print. While I have written entertainment articles for online companies like Movie Pilot and Now Loading in the past, I am currently working in newspaper print, covering stories in the Dundas County area of Ontario.

Writing was always a big past time of mine while growing up. Whenever my teacher wanted to have silent reading, I wanted to write my own stories. However, I never really grasped onto the idea that I wanted to do this as a career, so I made the grave mistake of career jumping without a parachute in college.

I liked playing video games, so obviously I would enjoy creating them, right? Eh... not really. I wanted to design video games with writing and artwork but, unfortunately, a big part in the video game development process is coding. Lots and lots of coding that, unsurprisingly, I wasn’t very good at.

After trying to graduate for three years, I decided that this career path was simply not going to work out and needed to try something else. I was then coached very forcefully by my father to enter the computer programming program at college because it worked out really well for my brother.

However, because I didn’t learn my lesson in game development, I flunked out due to simply not understanding the material (and secretly not wanting to). But, there was one thing that kept me going in computer programming. Writing.

Whenever a lecture started, my laptop would immediately open to a new blog post or article I wanted to write to get my name out there, writing about what interested me. Movies, TV shows, video games and even some opinion pieces on world events.

It was this that kept me going and I knew that I wanted to turn this into a career.

Now, a year into journalism, I sit eagerly at my desk. Waiting for the next story to chase, write and add to my portfolio